Business Purchase and Sale

Carefully evaluate your business opportunities

Whether you are an investor evaluating opportunities or a business owner looking to sell, it is important to work with an experienced attorney who can protect your interests. At The Hale Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in performing due diligence, researching business assets and debts, and advising buyers and sellers through all phases in the purchase or sale of a business.

Our firm is experienced with purchase/sale agreements in numerous industries, and with all of the following issues that arise in structuring and negotiating such agreements:

  • Binding and nonbinding letters of intent
  • Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements
  • Stock versus asset sales
  • Due diligence
  • Collection of accounts receivable
  • Tax consequences
  • Seller-financed promissory notes and security agreements
  • Noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Business transition consulting agreements
  • Commercial real estate lease and sale agreements
  • Employment agreements

Before you begin the process of negotiating the purchase or sale of a business, you should contact an experienced transactional attorney. What you say today can and will be used against you throughout negotiations and, if things fall apart, in a court of law.

Selling a Business

If you are considering selling your business in order to retire, or for financial or other reasons, you need a business lawyer who can negotiate and close a fair contract with speed and precision. Our firm has extensive experience in the complexities of buying and selling a business. We can help you capture the true value of your business while protecting you against liability.

Buying a Business

Buyers need an experienced attorney who can perform due diligence before making a purchase. As a buyer you need to know the full scope of assets that are being purchased, as well as the amount of debt and other contractual obligations the company may have. In addition to due diligence performance, we will also negotiate a contractual agreement that will clearly articulate your rights and obligations.

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