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Ongoing Legal Advice for Your Business

The Hale Law Firm’s business practice offers a broad range of services for Texas small business owners. Our attorneys provide general counsel and consulting services to business clients in several fields including: retail, restaurants, construction, professional practice groups, long-term care, and real estate investment and brokerage.

Like good in-house counsel, we work with each client to understand its business model and industry in order to provide customized service targeting each client’s unique needs and available resources. A general counsel relationship can save time and money in the analysis and resolution of all kinds of business matters, because your lawyer already knows you and your company, including the family or personal factors that can exert a major influence on your options and objectives.

To learn how your company can benefit from its own general counsel, contact The Hale Law Firm. Our goal is to help clients make the most of market or investment opportunities while managing risk, avoiding liability and advancing broader family or business goals. These are some of the areas where a general counsel relationship can help you see beyond the immediate demands of a situation to support long-term goals:

  • Formation of new businesses, subsidiaries or divisions
  • Amendment of shareholder, partnership or operating agreements to accommodate changes in an ownership group
  • Implementation of a risk management program
  • Advice about important contracts, such as equipment or commercial real estate leases
  • Negotiation of employment agreements
  • Regulatory and licensing issues with state, county and local authorities
  • Management succession planning related to family businesses
  • Purchase or sale of businesses or business assets

How We Promote Long-Term Client Relationships

Our business clients enjoy the freedom of pursuing business opportunities without looking over their shoulder. Just as important, they have an advocate they can test ideas with and explore alternatives prior to committing valuable resources. We offer our clients our honest opinion and our support in the decisions they make.

If you believe your business would benefit from a general counsel relationship, call The Hale Law Firm today for a free initial consultation.

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