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If you or someone you love is at risk of spending down their life savings to pay for the ever-growing cost of long-term care, then we invite you to call today for your free initial consultation to explore the opportunities our long-term care and asset protection planning can provide.

The risk of needing long-term care and its related expenses is too great to ignore.  According to Health and Human Services statistics, about 70 percent of individuals over age 65 will require at least some type of long-term care services during their lifetime and 40 percent will need care in a nursing home for some period of time.

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Long-Term Care

Long-term care is a variety of services and supports to meet health or personal care needs over an extended period of time. Most long-term care is non-skilled personal care assistance, such as help performing everyday Activities of Daily Living (“ADLs”), which are:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Using the toilet
  • Transferring (to or from bed or chair)
  • Caring for incontinence
  • Eating

Cost of Long-Term Care in Texas

The cost of long-term care depends on a number of factors, such as where the care is provided (at home, assisted living, or nursing home), the geographic region, and the amount and level of care needed.

According to The Genworth 2014 Cost of Care Survey, the average annual cost of care in Texas is broken down as follows:

  • Home Care (based on 44 hours per week, 52 weeks a year) is $41,184 with a 5-yr. growth rate of 1 to 2%.
  • Assisted Living is $42,270 with a 5-yr. growth rate of 5%.
  • Nursing Home with a Semi-Private Room is $50,735 with a 5-yr. growth rate of 3%.
  • Nursing Home with a Private Room is $65,700 with a 5-yr. growth rate of 3%.

Even within Texas, the average cost of care can range widely. Therefore, when planning for potential long-term care costs, it is important to inquire into such costs in your area.

Paying for Long-term Care

Medicare and private health insurance will not pay for long-term care. Our elder law attorneys can assist you in evaluating long-term care insurance options. If you cannot get or afford long-term care insurance, we can assist you in identifying and obtaining eligibility for governmental benefits, including Medicaid and Veterans’ Benefits. We encourage you to call us today for your free initial consultation.

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