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Researchers Are Looking Closely At Green Tea Extract And New Experiences In The Battle of Alzheimer’s Disease

Green tea extract may help battle the dreaded neurodegenerative disease. So might taking up new hobbies. Researchers in Michigan have discovered that green tea extract interferes with the formation of damaging plaques implicated in the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The new study, out of the University of Michigan, seems to indicate that an extract from […]

First Steps: Early Financial Planning for Family Caregivers

According to The MetLife Study, “Caregiving Costs to Working Caregivers: Double Jeopardy for Baby Boomers Caring for Their Parents,” there are so many adults in the U.S. workforce who must take time off work to provide care for their aging parents that the combined losses in wages, pension, and Social Security benefits tops $3 trillion […]

Elder Care Costs Continue To Rise

The MetLife Mature Market Institute just published an annual survey of assisted living, nursing home, and other elder-care costs. Researchers surveyed elder care facilities throughout the U.S. on cost and levels of care between April and August of 2012 They survey found that average rates for long-term care throughout the U.S. continue to rise. The […]

Turning Molehills into Mountains – The Stretch IRA Trust

BY JACOB A. HALE So you weren’t born a millionaire, huh? Neither was I, but my grand kids might be and so can yours. The IRS—yes, that IRS—has recently made it relatively simple to accomplish. I’m talking about the “Stretch IRA.” The term probably sounds familiar to you because it has been bandied about over […]

Long-term Care: Keeping Your Life’s Legacy Intact

BY JACOB A. HALE How do you break down a life well spent? We spend our early years charging through bushes and mapping exotic creek beds near our backyards. As we grow older we winnow our list of potential careers from the more fashionable fields of shark wrangling and astronautics to lowly careers in lawyering […]

The Only Field of Law Everyone Needs

BY JACOB A. HALE The handy thing about an estate planning practice is that it may be the only area of the law that applies to everyone. What I mean is, you can avoid criminal lawyers by staying on this side of the law; you can avoid family lawyers by staying married or staying single; […]

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